About Us

In the last of October 2020; we are going to lunch AMAR AREA in Bangladesh. We worked for the people. So many people worried and tried to find necessary information over the internet. AMAR AREA Will give easy solution and give information right way with simple platform. For example; Brand, Techonology, Driving License, Passport, Banking Information, Restaurant, Market, Bus, Train, Air, etc.

amar area about us

Everyone have a question, how to easily searching necessary information over the AMARAREA.Com? Don’t worry! You will find the search box and write your searching word. We hope you will find easily. If you have any queries regarding the update news or information, which are not listed or need to add in our website then leave a message for us or call us or text over the facebook page.

Usually people are wants to make sure expedient information cross the world straightforwardly from internet. Our website started journey by facing that problem, which is generally facing everyone in the digital platform. Our CEO (Mr. Anowar Hossain) tries to make sure easiest way find out and clearly recognize the topics. Feel free to contact us without any hesitation if you have any query regarding website. Another one is that if you really Want to write on this blog or Any suggestion?

Actually what’s going on to established in this web portal. Let’s check it out on below:

1. Official Website
2. Education Website
3. Bus Journey Information
4. Train Journey News
5. Air Way
6. Ship way
7. Banking sector
8. Restaurant
9. Passport
10. License
11. Hotels
12. Different Place and Organizational Numbers

Users can effortlessly use the site from Android, Smartphone, Laptop and Desktop PC. Not to worry to use it. We setup our all system accordingly user friendly. Mobile users find the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) support pages.